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SLIMMIE Weight Control Inhaler

SLIMMIE Weight Control Inhaler

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SLIMMIE Weight Control Inhaler

SLIMMIE Weight Control Inhaler

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SLIMMIE Weight Control Inhaler

“As a self-confessed lover of sugary drinks and fast food, I have come to realize that my unhealthy diet has finally caught up with me. The constant battle to curb my sweet tooth has been a struggle, leading to devastating relapses that only added to my expanding waistline. However, the solution to my problems came in the form of the SLIMMIE Weight Control Inhaler. Within a matter of weeks, I noticed a drastic change in my body. The inhaler helped me detox and shed excess water weight, while also reducing my overall appetite. To my surprise, I saw inches melting away from my stomach, and before I knew it, I had gone from a large size to a medium in just a few short months!” -Lisha, 40. New York

"Indulging in my favorite sodas, candies, and fast food had become a regular part of my diet, leading me down a path of unhealthy eating habits. My sugar cravings intensified and I found it increasingly difficult to make healthy food choices. As a result, my weight started to increase and I was determined to bring it back to a healthier range. That's when I discovered the SLIMMIE Weight Control Inhaler. This simple solution transformed my life for the better. I started eating less and craving less sugar, resulting in a consistent weight loss journey and calorie deficit. As I lost weight, my energy levels increased, inspiring me to start working out. In just a few short months, I was able to say goodbye to my bloated belly and hello to a flat and toned stomach. I have never felt healthier or more confident!” -Amity, 40, Boston 


The Lymphatic (lymph) system is a part of your body’s immune system that specializes in carrying clear watery fluid called lymph which contains white blood cells, vital for combatting infections. Lymph vessels draw lymph fluid from the cells and transport it to the chest and drain it near a blood vessel located somewhere near the heart. 

Keeping your lymphatic system healthy is beneficial for all parts of the body as it helps your:


  • Improves circulation of toxins and nutrients
  • Balances fluid levels in cells 
  • Relaxes body
  • Combats localized fats
  • Removes extra fluids and other toxin build-ups
  • Detox
  • Absorbs fat and transports it through the bloodstream


  • Quickly intercepts bacterial and viral infections, thus reducing pathogenic damage and reducing the treatment period
  • Antigen deployment 

Obesity: The Modern Epidemic 

Obesity and being overweight is a modern condition that is a direct result of man’s rapid modernization. Due to rapid industrialization and the discovery of mass farming, people nowadays buy their food in stores, and non-seasonal foods have become available all year round. 

Additionally, modern human eats more sugar than their predecessor in the 1500s. There are more occupations nowadays that require little to no physical activities such as desk jobs and work-at-home jobs to name a few. Unfortunately, decreased physical activity and increased calorie intake have caused the average person’s weight to rise.

Obesity is a concern faced by almost all nations. Aside from diet and physical activity, obesity is also genetic and some people tend to burn calories faster than others. There are many ways to lose fat such as surgery, dieting, and exercise. 

There are many weight loss fads and hoaxes out there! How do I know which one is legit?

Look no further with the SLIMMIE Weight Control Inhaler!

Your olfactory (sense of smell) is a powerful set of organs and structures that elicits certain responses such as hunger or disgust. Even if you’re not hungry, the smell of food can elicit a hunger response. That is where the SLIMMIE Weight Control Inhaler comes into play!

The SLIMMIE Weight Control Inhaler contains all-organic ingredients that are used as aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is the method of helping people curb hunger pangs and cravings before they could even take a bite. 

The SLIMMIE Weight Control Inhaler contains many organic ingredients and here are some of them:

Dika Nut. These are commonly consumed nuts and are sold commercially in packets or cans. These nuts, just like most nuts, are either eaten fresh or processed into jams and jellies.  It is mainly used as oil for weight loss regimens due to its high concentration of vitamins and minerals that reduce bloatedness. 

Ginger Rhizome. Ginger rhizomes stimulate digestion and suppress hunger by combating oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is caused by damage caused by free radicals, a general term used for harmful chemicals that enter our bodies. Ginger combats oxidative stress through its anti-inflammatory properties which would help reduce bloating. Regular intake of ginger can help lose weight and belly fat (waist-to-hip ratio). Other health benefits include lowering blood sugar.  Ginger targets both the digestive system and circulatory system which helps filter toxins and promote circulation which prevents the swelling of lymphatic nodes. 

Turmeric root comes from the turmeric plant, which comes from the same botanical family as ginger. Turmeric, compared to ginger, has a spicier and stronger taste that is widely used across East, Southeast, and South Asia. Turmeric has been used in medicinal recipes since 250 BC, Turmeric has been used as a weight loss aid and has been paired with ginger due to its equally high and potent antioxidant properties. Turmeric suppresses fat tissue growth and balances the body’s blood sugar levels and prevents insulin resistance. Additionally, turmeric helps with decreasing the risk of hypertension, high blood pressure, and other metabolic conditions.   

That looks great! What else can the SLIMMIE Weight Control Inhaler do?

The quick answer is a multitude! The SLIMMIE Weight Control Inhaler can:

  • Reduce sugar cravings
  • Deintensify hunger pangs
  • Trains your body to undergo calorie deficit without the conscious restriction of sugar and calories 
  • Increase the body’s metabolic speed
  • Reduces bloatedness 
  • Decreases inflammation in lymphatic nodes
  • Aids with weight loss all around your body
  • Halts the formation of fat tissue and cells
  • Prevents the sagging of skin after drastic weight loss
  • Prevents the harmful side effects after drastic weight loss (ie. loss of muscle, dizziness, nausea, etc.)
  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-Aging
  • Rejuvenates cells not limited to the skin (also works with cells all over the body)
  • Reduces fat (waist-to-hip ratio)
  • Contains high levels of natural vitamins and minerals

Carlina used to feel like a bleached whale whenever she goes to the beach. Now, she has an all-year young summer body all thanks to the SLIMMIE Weight Control Inhaler! Here’s what she has to say!

Before Use

“I love going to the beach, however, seeing more skinnier and healthier girls made me insecure which caused me to alter my schedule and spend my time on hours when there are not many people on the beach. I can’t control my diet even if I tried  diets and working out but none of it yielded many results.”

After use

“I love the SLIMMIE Weight Control Inhaler! At first, I enjoyed the scent but then I realized I started eating and eating less. It started when I took one deep inhale before snacking on some cookies but found myself only taking one or two pieces before putting them away. The trend continued until it affected my usual portions for major meals- I used to be able to eat at least three cups of potato salad but now found myself full with just one and a half.  Upon longer use, I started eating half of my usual portions which lead me to notice that my clothes have become looser to the point I had to buy smaller sizes! I also noticed that I no longer pant and wheeze whenever I walk up the stairs. I’ve been more energized and I’ve even started putting on muscle!” 

How to Use

  • Take a deep inhale of the SLIMMIE Weight Control Inhaler before and after every meal
  • You can use the SLIMMIE Weight Control Inhaler any time of the day, or as desired
  • Do not share the SLIMMIE Weight Control Inhaler, for personal use only (for sanitary reasons)
  • Store in a cool and dry place
  • Keep out of the reach of children and pets


Ingredients: Dika Nut, Drumstick Tree Leaf, Bigarade Orange, Ginger Rhizome, Turmeric Rhizome, Golden Algae 

Shelf Life: 3 Years

Target Audience: Men, Women

Target Age: Adults

Applicable Conditions: Obesity, Overweight, Overeating

Effects: Weight Loss, Aromatherapy, Hunger and Appetite Suppression

Flavor:Mint, Rosemary, Lemon, Coke, Red Bull

Package Includes

1X SLIMMIE Weight Control Inhaler


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