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KyaniteION Tinnitus Ear Cuff Set

KyaniteION Tinnitus Ear Cuff Set

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KyaniteION Tinnitus Ear Cuff Set

KyaniteION Tinnitus Ear Cuff Set

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Hear What Our Happy and Satisfied Customers Trevor Murphy and Hailey Smith Say About Tinnitus KyaniteION Ear Cuff Set

“I have been suffering from tinnitus for several years now, but I did not know that wearing these earrings would help me feel better until my friend told me about them. Now that I have started wearing these earrings every night before going to bed, my tinnitus has gotten much better! It does not bother me anymore! These earrings are definitely worth buying if you suffer from tinnitus like me!” - Hailey., 38, Maryland - 

“My tinnitus was always there, making me feel like there was something wrong with me. But with the Kyanite Ion Ear Cuff, I can finally hear the world around me again!  It's amazing how much clearer everything sounds now that my tinnitus isn't there like it used to be!” - Trevor., 42, Florida - 

What is Tinnitus? And what causes it?

Tinnitus is a medical term that describes the sensation of hearing ringing, buzzing, or other sounds in one or both ears without an external source. Healthcare believes abnormal activity in the part of your brain that processes sound is responsible for tinnitus.  

Tinnitus is a symptom of more than 75% of all disorders that affect our ears. It affects 1 in 3 adults worldwide. It can make it difficult to fall asleep at night or concentrate during the day.

    How Does the Ear Cuff And Ear Acupressure Treat Tinnitus?

    The ears contain thousands of nerve endings that connect to every part of your body, including your brain. Ear acupressure is a form of alternative medicine that involves the application of pressure to specific points on the ear. By placing pressure on your ears, you can stimulate this connection and provide relief from tinnitus by making sounds louder and the tinnitus less noticeable.

    Ear acupressure is proved to help with a wide range of ailments, including:

    • headache and migraine pain
    • Sinusitis
    • ear infections and inflammation
    • swimmer's ear (otitis externa)
    • ear noise and tinnitus

    Introducing Tinnitus KyaniteION Ear Cuff Set: The Secret Weapon to Dealing with Tinnitus

    Tinnitus KyaniteION Ear Cuff Set is a new way using auriculotherapy to help manage your tinnitus. Which is based on the belief that the entire body and its systems (reproductive, nervous, digestive, respiratory, et cetera) can be reflected in the map of the ear (called a microsystem), which has various pressure points that correspond to various organs and systems. 


    pierce the skin, but give pressure and stimulate acupoints, that enhance circulation, making them potentially effective for tinnitus. It's designed for maximum comfort, with an optimum material that feels comfortable even against sensitive skin.

    With our Tinnitus KyaniteION Ear Cuff Set — just an easy-to-use accessory that makes it simple to treat your tinnitus at home. Get yours today!!

    What is it Made up of and How Does It Work?

    • Titanium - the metal's ability to absorb wavelengths of light that are not visible to humans makes it useful in treating tinnitus by absorbing sound waves. These waves then vibrate against your eardrum muscles and bones, which causes them to move back and forth at a frequency just above what humans can hear on their own - around 20 Hz.  Titanium helps prevent this damage by acting as a protective barrier around each hair cell so that it cannot be damaged by loud noises. 

    Excellent Benefits of Tinnitus KyaniteION Ear Cuff Set

    • an excellent way to alleviate the ringing in your ears and other tinnitus symptoms
    • helps to relieve this discomfort by improving blood circulation within the ear canal and strengthening the bones of the inner ear
    • reducing risk of hearing loss in high noise environments
    • Stylish and functional
    • increases concentration and focus
    • enhances sleep and mood in general
    • reduces excessive sensitivity of the ears
    • Improves overall hearing

    Take A Look At Francis’s Ultimate Experience With Tinnitus KyaniteION Ear Cuff Set

    Before USe:

    I used to wake up every day with a headache and a ringing in my ears. It was like a constant buzz that wouldn't go away. I'd try to ignore it, but it made me so anxious that I got really bad headaches and would cry all the time. I couldn't focus on anything else, and it made me feel like a prisoner in my own body.

    After Use:

    So when I began putting them on, my ears started tingling right away! But then after a few minutes I felt like someone had turned off the noise machine in my head—it was sooo quiet! I feel so much calmer and more in control now! I can finally get a good night's rest, knowing that my ears are protected from the harmful effects of tinnitus. 


    Simply place it on your earlobe and let the weight of the earring rest comfortably in your ear.


    Type: ear cuff

    Material: titanium steel

    Product Volume: 15cm * 10cm * 2cm

    Product Includes

    1 Pair x Tinnitus KyaniteION Ear Cuff / 2 Pair x Tinnitus KyaniteION Ear Cuff

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